diner des aines twoOnce a year, the State sets aside a budget for a Diner des Ainés to be hosted in every
village throughout France. Everyone over 60 years of age qualifies. The Mayor plays host
and it’s no buns and cuppa affair.
Far from it.
Deep thought is given to the choice of traiteur, whose skill is crucial to succeed. The guests have a profound knowledge of classic French cooking and expect something more than ‘correcte'; rather, ‘sérieux’ and a menu ‘confortable’, ie, no skimping.
At St Remy, Sebastien from the Café de France at Saulchoy was invited back for his second year as Chef, to communal approval.
The Apéro is the St. Rémy special, which kick-starts proceedings. And the Mayor sources the wines from his private cellar.
The whole affair is managed, served and put away by the two members of the Comité des Fêtes, Fanny and Elodie, and the Mayor serves the wines. You can see him bottle in hand,
in the photo.
The Menu this January – Crème de Choufleur,Cassolet de Poissons, Dos de Cabbilaud avec sa
croustillante de Parmesan, Salade et ses Fromages et comme dessert, le Plat des Farandoles.
White wine, then a vintage Bordeaux, and Champagne with ( and long after) the pud.

Nick and I left to collect hay at six o’clock and the champagne corks were fairly flying….