MILL OCT 15We are still making discoveries – landscapes, villages, buildings – within a thirty kilometre

circle of St Remy, always without trying. The most recent is the flour mill at Brimeux.

Over the railway tracks that divide the village, all the way down to the end of the main street,

you hang a right onto a muddy track that winds by the river , a track not only unsigned but,

for good measure, marked Prive. Follow the river past a vegetable garden studded with

dahlias and there’s the Mill. It.s worked by two young guys who worked there, then took it

over when the ancien patron retired. No longer powered by the mill race it stands on, but

producing a super fine, creamy coloured stone-ground flour. It comes only in one grade

and they supply a strictly local market. It makes scones with a terrific texture and the colour

of warm honey.