Le Chemin Blanc
chemin blanc four
A track atop a low ridge that takes off from behind the church of St. Remy and
connects to the hill up into Gouy St. André. A twenty minute hike that our children
and their friends used to take on the way home from the local night club. In the small
hours, lit only by the moon, the Chemin Blanc turned into a challenging series of hasards, a route bristling with ditches and brambles and wild life that could run to wild boar.
These days, Le Vinyl Disco, once a run-down farm, breeds whippets, and it’s laser beam no
longer rakes the weekend skies over Gouy. It’s a lovely artery, for rides on horseback
and walks with dogs and a grand way to work up an appetite for an afternoon tea if
you’re staying with chemin blanc one chemin blanc seven chemin blanc three MEMORIAL OCT 15 ONESebastien and Sandrine at Le Clos de la Prairie.

This morning, in bright high January light, I walked the track with Amy and Damson,
from the village war memorial.
We set off towards the tunnel of trees that marks the entrance ..  on either side,open country, with views over the landscape.

On our right hand down amongst the ancient trees go the terriers …
Half way along, the view glimpsed through tangled bushes and climbers …the stoic donkey, without his horse companion who’ll be back in Spring ….
Here are sloes, now only withered remains of the fruit we missed when picking
for this year’s Crab-Apple & Wild Sloe with Liquorice Jelly….
and here it ends, opening up before plunging past the water tower and down
onto the Gouy hill