MAUDE & PARAKEETSSquawks from behind the wood-burning stove in the Pink Room. A search with the
enthusiastic terriers drew a blank, but there was an unmissable urgency to the noise.
Then we opened the hinged iron doors of the fire and – a small, brisk parakeet fluttered forth. The noise, weirdly, continued. Now alert to all sorts of possibilities, we opened up the flue pipe on the stove in the next room that shares the same chimney.And Parakeet One was joined by Parakeet Two, this one dimmed by wood smoke.

 A dish of grains was improvised and set on the table. No hanging about, the pair tucked in, with no inhibitions about the presence of Maude the cat at the other end of the table.
After that we opened the windows and, in their own good time, they left us.parakeets