In his last year at boarding school in England,Nick bought what he thought was a 1926 Austin Seven saloon.It turned out to be 1929-30. He used it all the time over his four years as an art student and then sold it fifty years ago when he felt he should get serious about film.
The chap who bought it,- Ian Dunsford – then quit his job and set up an Austin Seven spares company. Twenty years ago the car had done 400,000 kilometres with him.His son now has it up in Scotland – and himself repairs Austin Sevens.


The next car I bought was in 1980 – a 1928 Morris Cowley Saloon.We had it for ten years and all the children grew up travelling in it.That went to help buy the French house.

I found the 1926 Citroen B12 Torpedo in 2006.I had to do a lot of work on the engine, but for nearly ninety years old, it’s a perfect car for around our village.Tearoom visitors are always fascinated.

citroen four